Bellydance Veils Workshop with Alexandra




What this course has to offer?

We are pleased to bring Bellydance workshop with Veils by Alexandra 

Veils have been a staple in bellydance for centuries, symbolizing mystery, elegance, and the feminine mystique. Traditionally, veils are used to create a sense of depth and movement, adding a layer of intrigue to the dance. They can be used to frame the dancer’s face, highlighting expressions and emotions, or to create dramatic visual effects during spins and turns. The veil’s flowing fabric can also serve as a prop for various dance movements, such as wraps and head movements, adding a visual and tactile dimension to the dance.

So, let’s embark on this journey together, exploring the beauty and versatility of the veil in bellydance. We look forward to seeing you transform your dance with the magic of the veil!

If you have Veils, you can bring or use one provided at the Venue. 🙂

Course Details:

Date : Sunday 7th April 12 – 3 pm

Venue : 1st Floor, The American Bar, 65 Dock St, Belfast BT15 1LF

Dance energy Exchange:

£15 Online-Registration required (Drop ins 20£)

(Limited spots available. Highly recommend to book early)

Please note:

  •  All of our courses aren’t refundable* but transferrable if agreed in advance.

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