Sangam Studio Hire


  • Wooden Dance Floor
  • Can accommodate 10 yoga mats
  • Dance floor can accommodate 12 -14 dancers
  • For meeting – around 30 people for events that require chairs.
  • Full length mirrors
  • PA system
  • Male & female changing and Toilet
  • Fairy lighting effects and heating

Sangam Studio began it’s spiritual and fitness space following 3 main principals to lay down the strong foundation


Respect that makes you accept people for who they are, even when they’re different from you or you don’t agree with them. Respect in your relationships builds feelings of trust, safety & wellbeing.


Whatever we perceive, if it is unpleasant upon our senses, that becomes filth in our experience. Hygiene is at heart of Sangam Studio to provide pleasant experience upon your mind & senses for your better spiritual journey with us.


Dedication signifies the commitment & implies total devotion. This is something because of which we are here & will lead to success for our other two principals Respect & Hygiene.


If you are driving, we are just on the main street of Newtownards Road next to Templemore Avenue. You can see a big church just opposite of us.

If you are coming via bus, you can take Bus Number 3a or 20 and get down at Templemore Avenue. We are just next to the bus stop.

You can walk down from the City Centre and we are 12 mins by walk.

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