Thursday Belly Dance Fusion class




What this course has to offer?

For the beginner and improver – Learn the belly dance technique in a fun and encouraging class, discover  isolation’s pops and shimmies and get in touch with your inner beauty. A great workout!!!

You will be learning choreography on bellydance fusion songs.

This Module which is 4 session course offers variations instructed by Ash depending on your belly dance ability. In addition this course is highly recommended if you planning to be part of our full Bellydance choreography.

Course Details:

Time : 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm (Thursday Total of 4 sessions)

Venue: Sangam Studio 205 Newtownards Road BT4 1AD

Suitable for Beginners and Intermediate Levels!!

What you can wear in class?

You can wear yoga or exercise clothings that isn’t too restrictive. We dance in bare feet or with socks! Try something that lets your teacher see how your body is moving, so he or she can correct your form.

If you wish to wear some thin soled shoes that’s fine. If you have belly hip scarf for round your hips, that can be useful too.

How this course will benefit you:

This course will not only work up a sweat but will also give you a strong base in muscle isolation and technique. You will learn the basics and put them to practice in choreography that assists in muscle memory and technique.

You will discover muscles you never knew you had, and train them in the way giving you a brilliant mind-body connection.

Please note:

  •  All of our courses aren’t refundable* but transferrable(only complete module) if agreed in advance. By signing up to our modules, you agree to this.
  • Video of choreography is only provided when you attend all modules covering entire choreography.

Also please note below Covid-19 related guidance:

  • Don’t leave your house if you or anyone in your house is having Covid-19 symptoms. Get in touch if this is case and we can arrange cover up of missed class in coming classes. This course is not refundable
  • Please follow social distancing inside and outside of the venue
  • Please wash your hands regularly and also use sanitiser available at entrance of space
  • Also please bring your face coverings and use it appropriately.


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