Belfast Fusion Night 2018

SangamArts is very much delighted to present our very first amusing event – ” Belfast Fusion Night“.

“Sangam” in Sanskrit language means confluence of rivers, especially that of the Ganges and Jumna.

To represent this best, SangamArts brings the fusion of World Dance form from the world of Bollywood, Bellydance, Jazz, Ballet, Mexican and Samba with Live music altogether resulting in a truly delightful night.

Fund Raising Night:

With the opportunity of hosting “Belfast Fusion Night”, SangamArts is supporting charity organisation named “Sharansthan

About Sharansthan:

     “We are registered as sharansthan charitable society with the charity commission in Nagpur India, society registration number 1111/08. We work among the victims of sexually exploited women and their children in the red light area of Nagpur India since 2001, with the goal of Prevention of Human Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation. Our main aim is to Rescue, Rehabilitate and Restore the victims of sexual exploitation and their children primarily through education and vocational training.”

For more details, follow

SangamArts warmly invite you for Belfast Fusion Night 2018“. By joining this event, you are least adding one fusion of YOU and we are excited to see how this Fusion results into.

Please support this event and for great cause; also not to forget – this is BYOD night, so why not join with all your friends and family.

Lets get fused this December and enjoy the liveliness of Fusion Night.

Date: 1st Dec 2018

Time: 7 PM – 9.30 PM ( Afterwards floor is open for DJ till 10 PM)

Venue: South Bank Playhouse, 1A Kimberley Drive, Belfast BT7 3EE

Ticket: £7 BUY ONLINE

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