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The first day of the year is an auspicious time to re-energise and refocus your yoga/dance practice and life – bringing in positive transformational energy and setting your intentions for the year to come.

For this reason, on Sunday 5th January we bring this special donation-based Yoga and Bollywood Zumba workshop. Instead of charging for these classes, we ask you to donate an amount of your choice on the day.

drishti, or “gazing point,” keep looking with sustained interest, and then wait for what is already present to reveal its true form.

What if this year, instead of setting a resolution, we set a drishti of sorts, deciding what we want to spend our time looking at rather than declaring what we must do or what we must change about ourselves. We could train our mental gaze on a spot of our own choosing, and then see what resolves before our very eyes.

Both Yoga and Bollywood Zumba workshop is open level suitable for complete beginners and experienced students.

Book your new year’s day class by submitting details in following form:

Event details: 5th January 2020 starting 2pm

Venue: Sangam Studio, 205 Newtownards Road Belfast BT4 1AD (just on the main street and close by city centre).


    2 PM - Yoga Fusion Class3 Pm - Bollywood Zumba with Ash

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